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Terms & Conditions

We accept all orders UK wide, we reserve the right to cancel orders without notice in the event of error or stock shortage.

All products remain the property of The Chemical Factory (The Chemical Shed Ltd) until payment has been made in full.

Offers & Deals

Only 1 Offer or Discount Code can be redeemed on a single order, We may apply a second discount of offer on your behalf if we are able to do so.

An offer or discount can be revolked without warning and we reserve the right to not fulfil in the event of an error or flaw within the system,

In the event a customer has tried to redeem 2 or more offers of discount codes, we will apply only 1 to the order unless we feel we can meet the requirements of multiple discounts.

If we are not able to fulfil all offers or discount codes we will choose the deal best for the customer.


The company is Fully Registered in England & Wales as The Chemical Shed Ltd Trading as The Chemical Warehouse.

Registered at Companies House. Company No: 12819084

Registered Company Address:

159 Queen Street, Newton Abbot Devon, TQ12 2BS

Trading Address:

Unit 20 Moss Side Industrial Estate, Callington, PL17 7SD


The locations shown are not open to the public unless prior arrangment has been made via email or letter, The trading address is accessable through Click & Collect only and is not open for retail shopping.

Both locations have site security and you will not be granted acess without prior arrangement.